The Chocolate Room Pakistan










You should visit, because:

  • For Chocolate Lovers!
  • Quiet and Peaceful

Keep in mind these:

  • Sweet mostly

There are noticeably less sole chocolate cafés in Lahore than all the eateries present. So, those that are present have a pressure on them to serve different and better because they have a chance to take full advantage of their rarity.

The Chocolate Room is an Australian-based chocolate café that has recently opened up on MM Alam Road, Lahore. Team members of Ottutu visited the place to try out its coffee and waffles. It seems like a busy place but is pleasant enough to let you quietly enjoy your chocolate delights. It offers a variety of items including fast food, waffles, pancakes, coffee along with many flavors of hot chocolate only, and many other things too.

Their menu had sandwiches, burgers, pastas, few chicken main courses, few fish items and  a lot of pancakes, crepes and waffles.The team tried WafflesIced-Coffee Classic and Iced-Coffee Mocha which were better than expected-especially the coffee since it is hard to find really good coffee in Lahore.We also tried their Fajita Panini, BBQ Deep Pan Double Layer Pizza and Jalapeno Chicken from main course items.

BBQ Deep Pan Double Layer Pizza

Every pizza they offered had an option of deep-pan or thin-crust.We ordered deep-pan pizza in BBQ flavor; it lacked chicken, was bland and was more cheese with few chicken pieces. There were less than required toppings for a size of 11 inches and less than desirable taste for a cost of PKR 999.

The Chocolate Room Pakistan - BBQ Deep Pan Pizza
The Chocolate Room Pakistan – BBQ Deep Pan Pizza
Jalapeno Chicken

Grilled Chicken topped with jalapeno sauce, mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables. The chicken was perfectly grilled, soft and cooked to perfection. Sauce was sour like any jalapeno sauce with an unpleasant touch of sweetness.This is one-person serving dish for a cost of PKR 700.

The Chocolate Room Pakistan - Jalapeno Chicken
The Chocolate Room Pakistan – Jalapeno Chicken
Fajita Panini

This panini had lots of cheese few chicken pieces, it tasted good but the filing in panini was quiet less. This panini is perfetc for anybody looking for a light mild flavored snack.This panini costs you 500 PKR and serves one.

The Chocolate Room Pakistan - Fajita Panini

The Chocolate Room Pakistan – Fajita Panini


Snowman Waffles

Waffles had chocolate sauce poured all over them and chocolate balls and nuts topping formed a beautiful combination with the sauce. Ice cream snowman melting into the waffles and merging with chocolate sauce made the whole dish taste very nice.The best thing was that the waffles were crispy yet soft just like they should be.Although,the dish was a bit too sweet for us, but all those with a sweet tooth should not be worried.

The Chocolate Room- Snowman Waffles
The Chocolate Room- Snowman Waffles
Belgian Waffles

Belgian waffles had chocolate sauce over them flowing down to the plate and topping of strawberries, bananas and ice cream gave a perfect end to a delicious chocolate fairy tale. This waffles costs you around 500 and is enough for two people.

Belgian waffles -The Chocolate Room
Belgian waffles -The Chocolate Room

Service at this place was just okay, their staff especially the manager was not friendly/easy-to-talk-to at all and many of the desserts were not available.

Final Verdict

Having spent PKR 500-600/person for desserts only, we surely had our money’s worth.However,If you are their for something more than desserts, it will cost you around PKR 700-800 / person, but The Chocolate Room is better for satiating your sweet tooth than hunger.


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