HOB – The House of burgers










You should visit, because:

  • Great taste
  • Economical

Keep in mind these:

  • Small place
  • Limited Menu

Small,Vibrant & Economical

HOB – The House of Burgers is a new Burger Spot  in Umar block, Bahria Town. The place is small and vibrant for its bright colors spreading positive vibes all over. Once you visit it, you ain’t forgetting that grafiti wall and cool interior. 

The Menu is super limited (3 burgers with both beef and chicken options). Side options have fries or potato wedges and a drink to make it a meal deal. 

House Of Burgers - Interior
House Of Burgers – Interior
House Of Burgers - Interior
House Of Burgers – Interior
The Herculean

This burger was one of the scrumptious burgers I have had in long time.The Herculean is offered in both beef and chicken, we tried it in chicken. The pickles, lettuce and sauce with a twist of hash brown made it a combination of juicy, fesh and tangy burger in just Rs. 270 including potato wedges/fries and drink. Ah-mazing, right?

House Of Burgers - The Herculean
HOB – The Herculean
The Bronzer

Have you ever got a delicious beef burger in Rs. 230? Yes, you heard it right. The bronzer, again is offered in both beef and chicken and we chose beef this time. The beef was well cooked and tasted mild salty, I couldnt notice any compromise on the quality due to low price. The vegetables were fresh, lettuce and onion complimented the taste and all this with any side + drink in 230 is DEFINITELY value for money! 

House Of Burgers - The Bronzer
House Of Burgers – The Bronzer

Final Verdict

This place is for you if you are a burger fan who is on budget. The menu variety could be increased but the taste they are offering at this price is worth praising. You can satisfy your burger cravings here for a per person cost of 200-300 Rs

Have you been here? Leave your review in comments!

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