The Lahore Social- Interior

The Lahore Social – Closed










You should visit, because:

  • Spacious and Nice Interior
  • Both Indoor Outdoor Sitting

Keep in mind these:

  • Closes during the day
  • Expensive

The Lahore social is one-of-kind restaurants located on Kasuri road Gulberg.It seems like a simplistic place where people should gather to discuss matters at hand with a decent bite to eat. The arrangements and the spacious area is a breath of fresh air as compared to all the fancy yet tiny restaurants around Lahore.


The Lahore Social- Interior
The Lahore Social- Interior

About the menu,  they have breakfast, seafood, chicken, red meat and more.We tried their Chef’s Signature tortellini, Waffle Cheese Panini and Chocolate shake.

Chef’s Signature Tortellini

This item was listed under Pastas’ section, the name tortellini is another name for ring- shaped pasta which is not, commonly, served in Lahori restaurants.It was obviously colorful and saucy vegetable pasta, listening all the calorie-watchers? Something new amidst Fettuccine Alfredo obsession that all the restaurants are dwelling in.  This pasta costs you PKR 795.

The Lahore Social - Chef's Special Tortellini
The Lahore Social – Chef’s Special Tortellini
Waffle Cheese Panini

This one was from their brunch menu, and it was rightly placed since it was light-on-the- stomach snack. Not your typical lunch or dinner choice of a dish; It was cheese-filled bread heated in a waffle pan and served with fries and salad.This item costs you PKR 595.

The Lahore Social - Waffle Cheese Panini
The Lahore Social – Waffle Cheese Panini
Chocolate Shake

Chocolaty, chilled and a bit sweet was this shake. Although the price and quantity of the drink were not at par with each other;nevertheless,this is great for all chocolate lovers who like sweet drinks.This drink costs you PKR 395.

The Lahore Social – Chocolate Shake


The service at this place seems great; however, keep in mind that the restaurant closes at 3:30 pm and opens again at 7:30 pm.Your visiting hours should match with the hours they are open.


Final Verdict

Lahore Social is a great place that serves great food with an aim of bringing something different to casually-served cafe menu items.If you are okay with a budget of PKR 1000-1200/person, do not miss out on visiting this place.

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