The Little Eatery










You should visit, because:

  • Amazing Ambiance

Keep in mind these:

  • Small Sitting Area
  • Expensive

A Place Where You Feel Home

The little Eatery-like its name- is a small well-furnished place with a home-like ambiance to enjoy your gossips and delicious food. It is located in Gulberg III besides Mall 1 with both outdoor and indoor sitting.

Interior – The Little Eatery; SOURCE: INTERNET

Their menu serves you a great variety of steaks, burgers and Italian cuisine. We ordered Chicken Tarragon, Panini and a slice of Cheesecake.


Chicken Tarragon

The chicken was well-cooked with mild spices and looked super delicious. The sauce was bland and extra salty, and definitely not like taragon sauce should be. It was served with baked potatoes and costs PKR 795. This menu item was comperative;y  an averagely priced but well presented .

Chicken Tarragon – The Little Eatery


Jalapeño Panini

Cheese, chicken, veggies, jalapeño sauce wrapped in fresh and soft bread tasted delicious and juicy. A perfect dish for someone who wants to have something light for lunch to satisfy your hunger. The quantity was enough, or even more at a price of PKR 695.


Jalapeño Panini – The Little Eatery


Cheese Cake Slice

It was buttery and crumbly with graham cracker crust with a very rich yet light cream cheese filling served with maple syrup yet a fulfilling dessert for your lunch. It costs for PKR 445.


Cheese Cake Slice-The Little Eatery


Final Verdict

The Little Eatery is a small place which offers you great and calm ambiance with a decent menu variety and an average taste . So, if you want a nice and a peaceful meal with your  at a cost of PKR 1000-1200/person, give it a try.

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