The Local Eatery










You should visit, because:

  • Great food
  • Peaceful environment

Keep in mind these:

  • Less spacious

We went to this new café in town, The Local Eatery. Unlike its name it’s not local at all;the black and white interior is really appealing with a touch of plantation around.

The Local Eatery – Interior


The English soft music was soothing to ears making the environment peaceful to have a meal; however, some desi music would be great to go with its name.

The Local Eatery – Interior

Coming to the menu, there is not a lot of variety in it. They serve some desi dishes in their own unique cooking style and there are special menus on the weekend. We ordered Khatti DaalChicken Madrassi Handi along with Hara Bhara Salad, roti and naan.

Hara Bhara Salad

The Hara Bhara Salad was a combination of appropriate amount of fresh salad leaves, olives, cabbage and tomatoes mixed with a spread of lemon, vinegar and slices of butter on it giving it a different yet great taste. It costed us PKR 350. 

The Local Eatery – Hara Bhara Salad

Khatti Daal

This daal was different than ones we usually have. It was well cooked with little spices in it. It was neither too soft nor too hard. The color was pretty appetizing so was the taste. For daal lovers like me, it’s a must try for PKR 399.

The Local Eatery – Khatti Daal

Chicken Madrasi Handi (Red Gravy)

A perfect combination of sweet and spicy where the chicken cubes will melt in your mouth with rich flavors of cashew nut gravy. It tasted nether too spicy nor too salty and was a great meal to have with either garlic naan, roghni naan or roti. It costs you PKR 799. Not to mention the naans were really fresh and doughy.

The Local Eatery – Chicken Madrasi Handi

Something Different – They serve Pakola, an inexplicable fluorescent green color drink with a little too much sweet and cream soda taste.

The Local Eatery – Pakola


Final Verdict

For some desi and unique food menu with pleasing environment, great ambiance and an expenditure of PKR 700-800/person, this place is a must try. 

Do you think we did justice to this place? Leave your opinions in the comment below! For more reviews on your favorites, visit us here


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