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You should visit, because:

  • Great Sitting
  • Perfect Service
  • Amazing Taste

Keep in mind these:

  • Just a Little Pricy


Premium Decors and Good Food

The Otus Rooftop, previously known as Otus Lounge, is located right above Arcadian on MM Alam road.This place recently revamped itself and is now a rooftop restaurant which specializes in celebratory events apparently. They have introduced a huge variety of premium decors. The rooftop view is not very attractive, but the decor and sitting is a treat for the eyes and compensates for the boring view on the sides.It is very spacious and has a unique aura.

The Otus Rooftop View
Fried Stuffed Chicken - Otus Rooftop
Otus Rooftop

The menu covers a lot of cuisines namely Continental, seafood, Italian and Fast Food.We tried Fettucine pasta with basil sauce and Chicken Chilli handi, Fried Stuffed Chicken and Batter Fried Prawns.

Batter Fried Prawns

Prawns are something not every place can make good. They either are left uncooked, smell or don’t have any taste at all. These ones were tasteful, didn’t smell and had more taste than just salt! The crisp was so fresh and not soggy at all!
Cost:1150 Rs

Batter Fried Prawns - The Otus Rooftop

Fried Stuffed Chicken

Two big stuffed chicken breasts with sautéed vegetables topped with a sauce as per your taste; mushroom mild sauce for those who like it creamy and mild, Mexican sauce for those who love hot n spicy. We preferred Mexican sauce, it added the spicy sweetish kick to the meal.. The chicken was well made, stuffed with a spicy dense mix which had jalapeno, mushrooms and olive chunks. The crisp over chicken could have been made better, but this was a good spicy stuffed chicken!
Price: 920 Rs

Fried Stuffed Chicken - Otus Rooftop
Fried Stuffed Chicken – Otus Rooftop
Fettuccine Pasta with Basil Sauce

Fettuccine pasta is always served with alfredo sauce in almost all eateries at Lahore, but there were options of basil sauce, tomato sauce,cheese and olives and salsa sauce.This pasta was satisfying for the taste buds; spicy and juicy to a great balance.The dish costs PKR 590.

The Otus Rooftop – Fettuccine Pasta with Basil Sauce

Chicken Chilli Handi

We ordered half handi (one serving) but the quantity was enough for two persons.It was mildly-spiced, had a lot of green chillies and thick curry.It tasted nice but wasn’t something special-just like any other handi at any other restaurant.This single serving costs PKR 660 and a full handi costs PKR 890.

The Otus Rooftop – Chicken Chilli Handi
Chocolate Lava Cake

This lava cake was absolute divine. The fresh, mild but perfectly sweet cake with the running oozing chocolate  is one of the well made lava cakes we have ever tried. Promise!


Chocolate Lava Cake - The Otus Rooftop
Chocolate Lava Cake – The Otus Rooftop
The Final Verdict

The Otus is now one of the very few eateries offering amazing celebrations and decor options in Lahore. Their decor differentiates them from every other eatary in Lahore and you can rely on them for your day. With their decor as main plus point, the food, service and staff are good too. You can have a full meal here at a price window of 900-1200 Rs.

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