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You should visit, because:

  • Complementary Paan, Photography, Cart Ride, Gajra etc
  • Free food for maids and drivers
  • Ambiance

Keep in mind these:

  • Expensive
  • Location is not easily accessible

Amidst all the Culture, A Fancy Dose of Desi Cuisine

The poet is fairly a new restaurant which has established a fine-dine royal magical image in a very small time span, mainly due to the grand and mughal-inspired architecture of the place itself and being surrounded by badshahi mosque and minaar-e-pakistan just adds up to the ambiance and overall spell of the place. The place is huge with fancy royal art pieces and classical writings around, has open air rooftop, indoor sitting and open air sitting on ground floor too.

The cuisine is purely Pakistani and serves traditional cuisine, but everything has a twist in it, either in presentation, or name or probably the taste itself too.

Ottutu visited this place in collaboration with FnF – A Facebook community. Before we begin with the menu and taste, here are some things to know before you visit:

  • Gate#3 of the Greater Iqbal Park is reserved for The Poet’s visitors.
  • Ladies get a free gajra on entrance, cool right?
  • You enjoy Dancing Fountain’s show at 3 time slots in evening along-with your dinner
  • A guy dressed in mughal costume serves complimentary paan to everyone.
  • They have tabla and bansuri being played live and they cater your special requests of songs too! Wow!
  • Free golf cart ride around park
  • Free photography and pictures with birds
  • Most important! They serve free food to any driver or maid you have with you. Impressed!
Coming to the main items, We started off from Tilgoza(hummus), tried famous chilmun biryani, mutton shikarpuri, maharani murgh, diya kabab and reshmi tikka. For our sweet tooth we had Rabri and gulab jamun.
This was Hummus served in huge traditional thaali styled plate, with flat kind of hard and thin crisp baked bread with sesame seeds/till on top of it. In simpler words it was very thin crispy naan with hummus. The hummus actually did taste good and not bland at all.
Cost: 775 – Expensive
The Poet - Tilgoza
The Poet – Tilgoza
Diya Kebab
This was a theatrical item, trust us. You have seen sizzling steaks, you have seen boiling skillet brownies, but you wouldn’t have seen kebabs on fire have you? Well, these were chicken kebabs with small fire lamp strip inside it,  served on a grill. Not only that, the taste impressed us too. Extremely tender, juicy and spicy to perfection.
Cost: 885 Rs.
The Poet - Diya Kebab
The Poet – Diya Kebab
Reshmi Tikka
Bbq-ed chicken chunks served on a small grill with coals under it and onions over it. This item was a bit average, the chicken wasn’t as tender as it should have been, than there was a very different, prominent taste of some spice which we didn’t like. Other than that these were just another reshmi chicken boti dish.
Cost: 765 Rs
The Poet - Reshmi Tikka
The Poet – Reshmi Tikka
Chilman Dar biryani
Poet’s dish without something new? No!
This was a colorful, aromatic and tasteful version of biryani. It had all the possible aromatic additions, kaju, some other dry fruits, well cooked mutton and all this covered under puff pastry. The combination was definitely amazing, new and we loved how rich the masala was.
One more thing, this wasn’t the usual teh-wali biryani,  the masala was just mixed with boiled ice before being served probably.
Cost: 975 Rs. 
The Poet - Chilum Dar Biryani
The Poet – Chilum Dar Biryani
Mutton Shikarpuri
Ever had achaari chicken? This tasted same except that this was made with mutton instead of chicken. Came in a small handi serving and had an jalapeno on top. Mutton was well made.
Cost: 975 Rs.
The Poet - Mutton Shikarpuri
The Poet – Mutton Shikarpuri
Maharani Murgh
This looked like makhni handi but it wasn’t. Chicken with a thick gravy which at first tasted absolutely bland but once you dig in you will get a creamy butter like nutty taste with rich and soft texture and mild spices.
Cost: 1050 Rs. – Expensive
The Poet - Maharani Murgh
The Poet – Maharani Murgh
They had 4 dessert options, Gulab Jamun, Shahi Tukray, Kaju ka halwa and Kheer. Other than that they served free pan and it was a small meetha paan which we totally loved!
The Poet - Free Meetha Paan
The Poet – Free Meetha Paan
Zafrani Rabdi Jamun
Two small, extremely sweet gulab jamaun  served in  clay plate dipped in a yellowish zafran (saffron) liquid which was sweet too.
A bit over sweetened for a normal gulab jamun.
Cost: 300
The Poet - Zafrani Rabdi Jamun
The Poet – Zafrani Rabdi Jamun
Shahi Kheer
This was a dessert full of drama! Have you seen celebrities performing on stage and emerging out of theatrical smoke? Visualize that and instead of the celebrity, kheer in clay pot emerges out; and instead of that theatrical smoke they have dry ice’s smoke under the plate to keep it cold. We loved this dramatic dessert for its presentation, for the taste this kheer was mild sweet, and had chunks of rice.
Cost: 210 Rupees
The Poet - Shahi Kheer
For the drinks they had a very few options of juices and qehwa and coffee.
The service was beyond amazing, they truly ensure to give you a fine-dine experience.
Final Verdict
The Poet is a complete package, dining-in right in middle of Greater Iqbal park and next to Lahore’s landmark and Pakistan’s signature of mughal era and architecture is an experience in itself. The place is expensive than most of the places in Lahore, can cost you 2000+ Rs/person and the taste is not out of this world but the experience and complimentary stuff compensates for the amount you pay.

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