The Rice Bowl










You should visit, because:

  • Low-calorie food
  • Good Service
  • Very economical

Keep in mind these:

  • Lack of options in menu
  • No desserts


Note: Rice Bowl has been relocated to Packages Mall.The Mall-1 branch is now closed and a similar eatery with the name “The Wok” is now open at the same place. 

Rice bowl is such a unique name for a restaurant, a first for Lahore. The name is a real catch though.This place serves exactly what it says.Nothing more.Nothing less.Among a lot of restaurants on main boulevard, this place offers something different form its surrounding eateries.

The interior of the restaurant is simple, not over-the-top colorful or funky, just plain diner look.

The Rice Bowl - Interior
The Rice Bowl – Interior

The menu was a bit of a disappointment, if you are going there with a mind of getting a lot of choices and variety you will be doing a mistake. They only had egg fried rice and chowmein to be paired with almost 8-10 chicken/beef and seafood sides.However, it is a great choice for Chinese lovers.Placing an order at rice bowl is somewhat different and interesting than other eateries and is done in following steps:


Create Your Bowl – You can choose a classic bowl which contains one side and one classic main or a premium bowl which contains one side and one premium main or three other bowl kinds with options of two mains..


Choose Your Side -You choose your side, it can be either egg fried rice or chowmein, or both half-n-half in one bowl


Choose Your Mains – You can choose between classic and premium mains here as per the bowl chosen in Step1. The classic mains are mostly chicken entrees and premium mains are mostly beef and seafood.


We tried Egg Fried Rice with Cajun Chicken, Dragon fiery sauce and a classic half n half bowl with sweet n sour chicken. Drinks menu was quite limited, we tried their peach cooler from drinks.  You first have to choose your bowl, either with egg fried rice or vegetable chowmein and then you go for what you want to add on it. The combination of bowl and side costs PKR 500-600 only.

Peach Cooler

This was a chilled glass of thick peach juice at a price of RS. 315. It was a bit overpriced for a simple peach cooler but tasted super fresh and pulpy.

The Rice Bowl - Peach Cooler
The Rice Bowl – Peach Cooler
Rice with Cajun Chicken

We must say this dish was great at taste. Lots of vegetables and nuts and taste equally great, not so spicy but extremely mild spiced.

The Rice Bowl - Egg Fried Rice with Cajun Chicken
The Rice Bowl – Egg Fried Rice with Cajun Chicken
Rice with Dragon Fiery Sauce

The name says it should be spicy and it definitely was very spicy. The chicken was cooked perfectly.The sauce, chillies and small quantity of saucy spicy thick gravy paired with slightly salty egg fried rice made it a perfect bowl for somebody who need and extra spicy meal.

The Rice Bowl - Egg Fried Rice with Dragon Fiery Sauce
The Rice Bowl – Egg Fried Rice with Dragon Fiery Sauce
Half N Half Classic Bowl with Crispy Sweet N Sour Chicken

Half bowl of egg fried rice and half bowl of vegetable chowmein, topped with crispy chicken chunks which were perfectly cooked from inside and perfectly crispy outside. The sauce was deliciously sweet n sour and one can not demand a better sweet n sour crispy chicken. This chicken tasted perfect with egg fried rice, the chowmein however is not recommended with it. Chowmein was salty, had a lot of vegetables in it. This main course is highly recommended for people looking for a tasty touch to their bowls.

The Rice Bowl - Half N Half Classic Crispy Sweet n Sour Chicken
The Rice Bowl – Half N Half Classic Crispy Sweet n Sour Chicken

All above bowls costed us Rs. 500 Each.

The service was perfect, order served on time but the food lacked presentation.

 Final Verdict

This place lacks menu variety, but it is like a small economical restaurant for Chinese food lovers.Also, for calorie-conscious people who are tired of eating just salads and vegetables for lunch, have a go at this.The per person cost will not be more than PKR  600-700 if you eat just the Bowl.


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