Interior - The Sweet Factory

The Sweet Factory










You should visit, because:

  • Huge Variety Of Flavors
  • Classic Cozy Interior
  • Fresh n Smooth IceCream

Keep in mind these:

  • Expensive
  • Some Flavors Are Seasonal Since They Are Made Fresh
Ice-Cream Heaven
The Sweet Factory is another dessert spot in DHA near Rina’s Kitchenette and Wasabi’s. The name goes perfectly with the variety they are offering. We were invited here for desserts tasting and here is what we think about Sweet Factory.
The place covers two floors, first one is just an ice-cream bar for take-away and second one is a sitting area. The interior is classic and elegant in every sense. Comfy sofas separate bar chairs and vintage trays on tables made this place a small happy peaceful hangout spot.
Interior - The Sweet Factory
Interior – The Sweet Factory
The menu is limited to ice-cream flavors you love and those you never heard of too, waffles, brownies and coffees. We tasted their Apple Cinnamon, Nutella Peanut butter, Strawberry, Charcoal Detox and Coffee flavor. They claim that anything used in their ice creams is fresh and natural with no preservatives. They also use a special nitrogen technique to make their ice cream smooth and without crystals. Was it really smooth? Read ahead!
Interior - The Sweet Factory
Interior – The Sweet Factory
Apple Cinnamon
This flavor was refreshing to every bit, the cinnamon wasn’t too much, neither too sweet but just perfect. Small stewed apple chunks, refreshing kick of apple flavor and slight but perfectly sweet cinnamon taste were the highlights of this ice-cream. One scoop of this goodness will cost you 275 Rs.
Nutella Peanut Butter
This combination is a delight in itself. This one wasn’t too sweet but came with good kind of Peanut Butter bitterness, mild sweetness of chocolate and the peanut butter chunks made the combination more amazing. It lacked that signature hazelnut nutella taste and maybe more nutella into the mix would’ve made it just perfect. For all sugar conscious people, this ice-cream wasn’t too sweet like other chocolate flavors in the market.
Charcoal Detox
Now this one is something really new in ice creams, charcoal is often used by Medical Staff to detoxify our internal systemsĀ  and is available with a sweet yummy touch at Sweet Factory. With a mild chocolate flavor this charcoal scoop is a healthy tasty ending to your meals.One Scoop for 300Rs.
Charcoal Detox - The Sweet Faxtory
Charcoal Detox – The Sweet Factory
Forget that artificial extremely sweet strawberry flavor because this one tasted like real strawberry ice-cream with its seeds, mild sweet,creamy and slight tangy flavor. One scoop for 275.
Strawberry - The Sweet Faxtory
Strawberry – The Sweet Faxtory

If you are somebody who wants real coffee taste in ice-cream, this one is made for you. Darker, bitter, thin, mild sweet and more original than usual coffee flavors, this one scoop of ice-cream was an absolute delight,

Coffee - The Sweet Factory
Coffee – The Sweet Factory

All of their ice-creams can be tried with waffles and it becomes an amazing dessert, the hot perfectly made waffles were just perfect and we recommend you to try their waffles with apple cinnamon flavor.One complete waffle serving with 2 scoop of any ice-cream will cost you 550 Rs.

Almost all ice-creams were priced at 250/scoop, the service at this place was fast and their staff is amazing too.

Note: They do deliver their ice creams in few phases of DHA and offer 10% discount to every returning customer. YUM!
Their products are also available at Cafe Beirut.

Final Verdict
The Sweet Factory uses a very unique technique to bring you smooth crystal free ice-creams and the taste they offer proves their uniqueness and quality claims. A little more variety in the menu would make this a perfect dessert shop where you can hang out for hours and have coffee. For a per person cost of around 500 you can enjoy their ice-creams/desserts, expensive but worth it.

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