The Sweet Tooth- Interior

The Sweet Tooth

The Sweet Tooth










You should visit, because:

  • Funky Cool Look
  • Great Service
  • Chocolate Gol Gappas



Sweet Tooth, as the name says it ,is a dessert-serving place.It is located at front-opposite side of Khaadi on MM Alam Road, and has a small cozy English bar kind-of look on the outside. The interior stands out a lot among other restaurants nearby. It has a very colorful and funky look with scooter-chairs, bar stool etc.

Although, it specializes in desserts but serves fast food as well. Team Ottutu tried two items from desserts; Cupcakes and Belgium Gol Gappas and their famous Deep Pan Pizza.


We were there to celebrate a birthday (not a very fancy one though).They wrote customized wishes on the plate that the cupcake was served on; and provided us with candles and complimentary Belgium chocolates.

Although the cupcake was not too good, a bit dry, yet the presentation and serving style compensated for the taste.

The Sweet Tooth- Complimentary Belgium Chocolates
The Sweet Tooth- Complimentary Belgium Chocolates
The Sweet Tooth- Make Your Own Cupcake
The Sweet Tooth- Make Your Own Cupcake
Belgium Chocolate Gol Gappas

Sounds unique right? A newer,sweeter and delicious version of our very old and very favorite Lahori food item, Gol Gappas. They were made of chocolate and filled with a white thick cream. There a were a lot of topping options that were served with the dish, such as;  bunties, banana slices,ice cream,brownie chunks,peanuts and chocolate syrup. The choices you get may vary a bit from time to time.You must keep in mind that this item is for serious sweet lovers as it is loaded with chocolate and sweet add-ons, which can be a bit heavy for someone not fond of sugar.

The Sweet Tooth- Belgium Chocolate Gol Gappas
The Sweet Tooth-Belgium Chocolate Gol Gappas

Also note that this item is currently only being served at The Sweet Tooth. One 6-Gol Gappas serving costs about PKR 700-750.

 Deep Pan Pizza

This deep pan pizza has created a lot of hype lately.Crispy thick crust on sides,filled with a lot of cheese inside to the depth, had some BBQ flavoured chicken bytes in between and topped with some sauces.This pizza was very different in taste than other usual pizzas you eat at any other place.It was light, had so much cheese coming out of it which felt only good with all the bbq chicken pieces and not at all overdosed with cheese.If you are a cheese lover who is looking for a loaded cheese mostly pizza, this one is for you.The pizza had mild spice level, there could be more chicken to make it more taste rich. This regular sized pizza costs you 920 Rs, it is a bit overpriced seeing the serving quantity but a must try if you are craving a good light pizza.

The Sweet Tooth – Deep Pan Pizza
The Sweet Tooth – Deep Pan Pizza

Coming to the service, it is timely and on point. They know how to please their customers with complimentary chocolates or toppings, which is a serious plus point of this place.

Final Verdict

You should at least visit this place for the Chocolate Gol Gappas.If you only try desserts, per person cost will be around PKR 500-600.

Still looking for something more? We are sure you can find something here.