Tierra Nuestra










You should visit, because:

  • Classy Interior
  • Huge menu variety

Keep in mind these:

  • Expensive
  • Lacks Taste
  • Lacks Drinks Variety
Average But Fine Dine Experience
The name has got many people confused with its possible pronunciations but let us make it clear before telling you about what this name brings with it. You pronounce it as ‘Ti-yara nu-stra’ and it means ‘Our Land’ in Spanish.
Located on Kasuri Road, this place is made in accordance with its name; themed with pebbles, stones and bricks. A three floor building, first one is a fine dine restaurant and second one is a cafe. The interior is artistic and classy with grey and white dominating everywhere. Outdoor patio tables and comfy sittings inside, Tierra Neustra has managed to put up a perfect ambiance and interior.
Tierra Nuestra - Indoor Sitting
Tierra Nuestra – Indoor
Tierra Nuestra - Outdoor Sitting
Tierra Nuestra – Outdoor

The restaurant serves Pan-Asian Cuisine with famous dishes from Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean cuisines, From starters to salads and entrees The variety they serve is huge, drinks lacked options and you could only have 2-3 common options to drink.We tried Crispy nachos and Fish N Chips from starters, Smoked Chicken Penne Pasta,, Thai Fish Chill Dry and Moroccan Chicken.

Crispy Nachos

The name mention crispy but they weren’t crispy to the mark, but extremely oily and extra sweet because of excessive tomato puree (or something similar).They were 5 big nacho chips (which tasted like they were made 2 days back) topped with chicken strip, sauce and vegetables.These nachos will cost you 510 rupees,

Tierra Nuestra - Crispy Nachos
Tierra Nuestra – Crispy Nachos
Fish N Chips

This was one thing we loved eating, their fish was crispy, served perfectly hot and perfectly cooked. Mild in taste just like a good finger fish should. 475 Rupees for this fish n chips.

Tierra Nuestra - Fish N Chips
Tierra Nuestra – Fish N Chips
Moroccan Chicken

This main course was served in a flat tray, the sauce all over the grilled chicken gave a very dominant taste of lemon which wasn’t supposed to be there, grilled chicken was a bit harder and chewy. All in all this was an average dish with lots of improvement points. This dish costs you 850 Rs.

Tierra Nuestra - Moroccan Chicken
Tierra Nuestra – Moroccan Chicken
Smoked Chicken Penne Pasta

This pasta was our favorite at Tierra Neustra, mainly for the perfect smoked taste, creamy thick sauce and perfectly salty peppery taste complimenting grilled chicken strips. The serving was better then most of the eateries and taste was perfect for mild pasta lovers looking for something more than a boring bland chicken flavored pasta. Try this pasta at 675 Rs.

Tierra Nuestra - Smoked Chicken Penne Pasta
Tierra Nuestra – Smoked Chicken Penne Pasta
Thai Fish Chill Dry

Fish chunks dipped in and topped with a sweetish thick sauce which was dominated by strong ginger taste and scent can describe its taste completely. Fish chunks were very well cooked, weren’t smelly or soggy at all. We recommend this dish. You can try this dish at 760 Rupees.

Tierra Nuestra - Thai Fish Chili Dry
Tierra Nuestra – Thai Fish Chili Dry

The service at Tierra Neustra is average, the staff is responsive and the food got served in time. Quantity of every dish served was fine except fir crispy nachos.

Final Verdict

Tierra Neustra has got an amazing location. peaceful interior to pair up with their service and perfect ambiance, some things lacking at this place was variety of drinks, taste of some menu items and their high prices. If you are up for a bill of 1500+/per person jut for a main course and starter, we recommend their fish items and Smoked Pasta.

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