Tuscany Courtyard - Interior

Tuscany Courtyard










You should visit, because:

  • Great Interior
  • Lots of Italian Dishes

Keep in mind these:

  • Over-Priced

Tuscany has recently step foot in Lahore and has been making waves among foodies.The restaurant itself occupies a huge area-offers both indoor and outdoor sittings.The interior gives you a feel of old Italian architecture with all the painted walls and art pieces hanging around; however, outdoor sitting is just usual plain tables and chairs.

Tuscany Courtyard - Interior
Tuscany Courtyard – Interior


Tuscany Courtyard - Open Air Sitting
Tuscany Courtyard – Open Air Sitting

Coming to the food, since Tuscany is a pure Italian restaurant; they claim to provide true Italian flavour.Their menu covers Soups, Steaks, Italian Entrees, Pasta, Pizzas and Paninis.We chose to try Penne Arrabiata Pasta, Chicken Lasagna from main courses, Fresh Orange Juice and Coconut Coffee Crunch from drinks and Nutella Pizza from desserts.

We were served with a complimentary starter which was a thin crust with pizza sauce and salsa sauce on side.It was different then what other cafes offer and goes with the pure Italian cuisine.

Penne Arrabiata Pasta

Penne pasta with grilled chicken,arrabiata sauce and olives  was mildly spiced and not that saucy.However, if you are done with Alfredo Fettuccine and still want pasta, this should be your choice.This item costs you PKR 825.

Tuscany Courtyard - Penne Arrabiata Pasta
Tuscany Courtyard – Penne Arrabiata Pasta
Chicken Lasagna Marinara

A lot of chicken chunks submerged in  layers of cheese and lasagna would describe this dish perfectly.It tasted good with balanced spices and well-cooked chicken.This single- serving lasagna costs you PKR 895.

Tuscany Courtyard - Chicken Lasagna Marinara
Tuscany Courtyard – Chicken Lasagna Marinara
Coconut Coffee Crunch

This drink wasn’t as delicious as its name sounds, it was more like a cold coffee with coffee added in excess and coconut was just in the name, no where else. This drink costs you around PKR 325.

Tuscany Courtyard - Coconut Coffee Crunch
Tuscany Courtyard – Coconut Coffee Crunch
Fresh Orange Juice

This tasted just like a fresh orange juice, nothing more and nothing less.This drink cost will cost you PKR 325.

Tuscany Courtyard - Orange Juice
Tuscany Courtyard – Orange Juice
Nutella Pizza

Desserts section had quite a lot of variety  in chocolate desserts and we chose Nutella Pizza out of curiosity of what could be done with a pizza made of Nutella.It was simply pizza base  with Nutella all over it, nothing else. This could be heaven for all those who love Nutella but those who are looking for a light-on-the-stomach dessert, this one isn’t for you. It costs you around PKR 545.

Tuscany Courtyard - Nutella Pizza
Tuscany Courtyard – Nutella Pizza

The service was great as everything got served on time.The quantity of all the servings of drinks was a little less when compared to the price.They also seemed to have some space for people to offer prayer which is a very rare case in our eateries.

The Final Verdict

Tuscany Courtyard has great variety of Italian cuisine but it is unnecessarily expensive. If you want to enjoy a good meal in a peaceful place with Italian vibes and an expenditure of PKR 1500-1700/person, this is a must-try.

Do you think we did justice to this place? Leave your opinions in the comment below! For more reviews on your favorites, visit us here

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