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You should visit, because:

  • Economical
  • Great Taste

Keep in mind these:

  • No Ambiance
  • Rushy Area

Place with Good Sitting in Barkat Market

UK55 is a new eatery which just opened up next to Amigos in Barkat Market. The name has got an emotional yet cool story behind it, The two owners have have sons named Umer and Khizar with their birthdays in 5th Month of the year and they decided to show their love for family by making it a brand for Lahories! Amazing, no?

UK55 is a fast food style restaurant, their interior is themed with literal meaning of UK55 (United Kingdom), the area is not very huge though. Their sitting area is probably among the best one when compared to nearby eateries.

The menu goes with the theme, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and pasta. We tried their UK Special Pizza, Mexican Salsa Burger and Cheese Lover.

Mexican Salsa Burger

This was an interesting new combination for a burger, the burger was saucy to perfection and tasteful too. The salsa was sweeter then it should’ve been and the patty was harder than usual. The cheese, jalapenos and salsa complimented each other really well. All in all this was a unique, juicy sweetish combination with a kick of jalapeno’s taste and we liked it even with the hard chicken patty.This burger costs you Rs. 375 with Fries and a cold-drink

UK55 - Mexican Salsa Burger
UK55 – Mexican Salsa Burger
UK55 Special Pizza

This flavor surprised us with its amazing taste and richness. The pizza had toppings just enough to the quantity, perfectly cheesy, perfectly spiced and with fresh crust. This one is a must try if you love a cheesy tasteful pizza for a price of 295 Rs(small)

UK55 - Special Pizza
UK55 – Special Pizza


Cheese Lover

This is a delight for those who love only cheese, no other flavors, nothing to spoil your taste of cheese with a slightly thin crust. This pizza costs you Rs. 295 Rs. (small). A bit overpriced since it only contains cheese

UK55 - Cheese Lover
UK55 – Cheese Lover
Final Verdict: 

U55 is a small restaurant in a crowded market aiming to provide you with quality of service better than the nearby places. The taste is above average and we highly recommend their Mexican Salsa Burger and UK55 Special Pizza.  You can enjoy their service, hospitable staff and their menu for a price of Rs. 400/person.

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