Urban Kitchen










You should visit, because:

  • Amazing Interior
  • Different than usual dishes

Keep in mind these:

  • Lacks Taste
  • Less menu variety
  • Expensive
Not everyone will like it
This eatery opened up few weeks back in Lahore near Scafa, Cafe Nataliya on College Road. The name defines their vision of providing urban food from around the globe.
The interior was classy – chic – funky all at the same time. The entrance has a wall of memories from old times of Pakistan. The outside sitting with patio tables and candle lamps on the table is a nice spot to enjoy weather away from roadside hustle. The spacious area, wheelchair friendly setting, the art pieces all over the place and all this with cool colors all around is something new and different for Lahore food scene and we admire that.
The Urban Kitchen - Outdoor Sitting
The Urban Kitchen – Outdoor Sitting
The Urban Kitchen - Interior
The Urban Kitchen – Interior
The Urban Kitchen - Interior
The Urban Kitchen – Interior
The menu might not be the perfect one you see since its designed to give you tastes from around the world and many of us are not used to of such taste. Menu was limited in variety, had merely 2-3 chicken entrees, few beef and seafood items. We ordered Nawab Chicken, Kutsu Curry(Japanese) and Fish n Chips.
Nawab’s Butter  chicken
The name impressed us but taste? not so much!
We expected a royal  dish (both in taste and flavour) but all we got was a thaali with a portion of sticky basmati rice, achaar, boneless mild creamy chicken and daal makhni.
The daal had a different, creamy thick taste (it was a mixture of different pulses probably). The chicken was tangy and average.
This dish costs you 1045 Rupees – Overpriced.
Urban Kitchen - Nawab's Special Chicken
Urban Kitchen – Nawab’s Special Chicken
Kutsu curry
Kutsu curry is a Japanese dish which mainly contains chicken cutlets/strips with curry. Urban kitchen stayed true to the dish, crispy chicken strips topped with a sauce which had a sweet n sour taste.The curry  tasted similar to daal/curry we have in our homes with a little extra salt. This was a good mild spiced dish if you want something closer to desi taste and has a different taste. This dish costs you 745 Rs.
Urban Kitchen - LOishi Kutsu Curry
Urban Kitchen – LOishi Kutsu Curry
Lissongrove’s Fish N Chips
Urban Kitchen uses alaska fish in their fish n Chips and presented it with few wedges and fish n chips with a garlic-y dip, the fish didn’t smell really nice, had only minute salt added to it and rest was all okayish, not something we would try again. This dish costs you 1045 Rs.
Urban Kitchen - LissonGrove's Fish N Chips
Urban Kitchen – LissonGrove’s Fish N Chips
The ambiance and service were extraordinary at this place, their hospitality is amazing. Our food was served on time.
Final Verdict
Urban Kitchen is bringing dishes and tastes from around the world and probably those who ain’t used to of trying a lot of different cuisines will not like this place, a bit expensive, less menu variety but different than the usual experience is what comes in the package at a person cost of around 1000-1300 Rs. for main course only.

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