Veranda Bistro Lunch Buffet

Veranda Bistro










You should visit, because:

  • Different Menu
  • Awesome Desserts!
  • Great Sitting

Keep in mind these:

  • Expensive

Note: Veranda bistro has been relocated to DHA

Do you ever want to visit a place which looks nice, offers non-conventional dishes for hi-tea  and has a nice taste too? If yes, then do visit Veranda Bistro.

This place offers both outdoor and indoor sittings and both of them are exquisite! Outdoor sitting is very simple,home-like with Patio Umbrella tables, however; indoors is a fancy yet decent sitting with dim lighting.

Veranda Bistro- Interior
Veranda Bistro- Interior
Veranda Bistro- Interior
Veranda Bistro- Interior

Now coming to the food, since it was a lunch buffet so we can not name each dish with its picture.However,the menu overall was very different from casual lunch buffets.


Starting with the appetizers they offered soups with lot of options.

  • Hot N Sour Soup
  • Roasted Garlic Soup
  • Mulligatawny Soup
  • Cream and Mushroom soup
    We tried Hot N Sour soup and if you want your soup to be actually hot and sour, you will love it! It was spicy with a good amount of chicken and vegetables in it. The quantity and quality of soup was pretty much perfect.

    Veranda Bistro- Hot N Sour Soup
    Veranda Bistro- Hot N Sour Soup
Main Course

The main dishes in buffet had items from Italian and Chinese cuisines.

  • Classic Italian Lasagna- Looked delicious but tasted just fine.It was a little bland but anybody looking for a mildly-spiced lasagna will like it.
  • Chicken Chow-min- Well, a lot of places are too bad when it comes to chow-min but this one wasn’t one of them. With exception of excess oil, it tasted above average.
  • Garlic Fried Rice- tender and hot, just like what they should be.
  • Chicken Chili Dry- This dish was one of our favorites in the buffet with perfect blend of spices with chicken.
  • Chicken Pasta Creamy Spinach Sauce-  This pasta was a mildly-spiced pasta with creamy spinach sauce and black pepper in it. A good option for people who are not a fan of spicy food.
  • Grilled Fish Lemon Dill Sauce- The grilled fish wasn’t their best, but the sauce they offered with it, saved it from tasting bad. Fish seemed like it was under-cooked.

    Veranda Bistro- Garlic Butter with bun, Classic Italian Pasta, Lasagna and Fish
    Veranda Bistro- Garlic Butter with bun, Classic Italian Pasta, Lasagna and Fish

We must say the desserts and soups are Bistro’s forte. The presentation, taste and quality was excellent.

  • The Chocolate Soup- yes you read it right! They offer chocolate soup-heaven for chocolate lovers! The soup was a hot,thick and sweet chocolate syrup topped with nuts.
  • Tiramisu Italia – Our second love after chocolate soup! It tasted sweet, yet had a coffee-like bitterness in it, not extra sweet yet sweet enough.
  • Creme’ Brulee’- Not a chocolate fan but love desserts? This Creme Brulee is a wonderful  experience that is hard to forget.A hard caramel layer on top and soft-creamy layer under it.
Tiramisu Italia and Chocolate Soup
Tiramisu Italia and Chocolate Soup

Drinks are not a part of buffet so you have to order and pay for them separately.They offer discounts on HBL and two other banks.Their menu changes daily but we hope you can guess the taste from our experience.

The Final Verdict

If you are not too tight on your pocket and want something very different to try for a buffet;this place should be your final destination.The best part of our experience were desserts and soups.It costed PKR 1200/person including drinks and service charges.

Still looking for something more? We are sure you can find something here