You should visit, because:

  • Different Menu
  • Suitable For Huge Gatherings

Keep in mind these:

  • A Bit Expensive

Wazwan – Kashmiri Cuisine in Lahore

The name refers to multi course meal in kashmiri cuisine.This place recently opened up next to Spice Bazaar near MM ALAM road, similar to the name they cover desi food, focused more towards kashmir’s specialties.
The first impression as soon as you enter this place is of something royal yet traditional focused on cultural delicious food. Ottutu visited this place in collaboration with Fnf – An online food based community, did our experience met our expectations? Read further!

The place offers outdoor, indoor and few rooftop tables as well. The interior wasn’t much fancy but did seem inspired from Kashmiri architecture, it was simple, dim yellow lights, huge kashmiri style wooden windows and brick walls. They had a separate family hall as well.

Inside Wazwan


The menu was exciting and different, you wouldn’t find bhindi, Dosa and qeema flatbreads as appetizers in a lot of restaurants here in Lahore. Other than that, they had BBQ items, gravies, TAWA items, huge naan variety as well.
Bonus: Naan, Salad and Roti were Complimentary! Amazing no?



Shahi Gol Gappay

Perfectly shaped, crisp and fresh gol gappay with tamarind water that was actually pleasingly sour and true to the taste. But nothing beats Gol Gappay served on streets of Lahore. If you want a simpler sophisticated version, this one is for you.

Price: 200 Rs.

Wazwan - Gol Gappay
Wazwan – Gol Gappay

Uzbek Paneer Tikka

The presentation won us over, paneer cubes, huge ones on a skewer with veges and a pleasing setup of ketchup on plate. They looked like a shashlick stick though. The paneer cubes tasted okay, felt heavy and they had a spicy aromatic covering over them.

Price: 650 Rs.


Wazwan Special Qeema Naan
This was a fusion of flatbread and mutton qeema. Perfectly spiced for desi cuisine lovers, the base was crisp, not too thin and qeema quantity was more than enough. Topped with sesame seeds, this was a good snack before you start your meal

Price: 800 Rs.

Wazwan - Keema Naan
Wazwan – Keema Naan

Wazwan Palak Gosht

This was the highlight of our meal, Mutton Palak made so smooth, super tasteful and the spices were so on point that you wouldn’t ask for a single change. The green chilies added the well needed spice kick to palak and this is a must try at Wazwan.

Price: 1200 Rs.

Wazwan - Palak
Wazwan – Palak

Madrasi Murgh Curry

Served in a traditional handi,  this was a thick creamy chicken handi, bursting with spicy and tangy flavors. The spicy kick was not just of green chilies but way different than usual spicy taste.

Price: 1050 Rs.

Wazwan - Handi
Wazwan – Madrasi Handi

The dessert options were limited to only 3 items, we tried their kulfi.
Khoya Kulfi was average, served with pistachios.

Price: 150 Rs

Wazwan - Kulfi
Wazwan – Kulfi

The service was fast, everything was served on time and their staff was super proactive

Final Verdict

The place stays true to its name, provides a good light ambiance that goes with the theme as well. Food items overall were okay-ish, some were too good and some just okay. This place is definitely recommended for family dinners, formal gatherings and for people who love desi cuisine. You can enjoy your meal of a main course and drink here in 1300-1500 Rs.

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