X2 Cafe - Interior

X2 Cafe










You should visit, because:

  • Spacious
  • Great Ambiance
  • Multiple Cuisine Options

Keep in mind these:

  • Expensive
  • Slow Service
  • Average Taste

One Place – Multiple Cuisines

X2 Cafe, located near Hussain Chowk claims to be a  Pan-Asian Eatery serving multiple Asian cuisines with a fine dine experience.The interior is impressive; the cafe is divided into multiple small areas and each area has its own specific interior. The area which serves Chinese cuisine is a simpler and decent sitting area, whereas their cafe gives you a purple- themed artistic look. They also provide outdoor open-air sitting arrangements.

X2 Cafe - Interior
X2 Cafe – Interior
X2 Chinese Restaurant
X2 Chinese Restaurant

The menu is as the tagline says, has most of Asian cuisines. They serve Chinese, Desi, Seafood, Thai, Chicken and Beef items.The have a cafe which will serve you regular cafe food as well. We chose their cafe, ordered their famous Nachos, Alfredo Pasta, BBQ Pizza and staff-recommended Blueberry fantasy.

Supreme Nachos

Unlike many other places, they do serve real nachos. They were large amount of Doritos with Chicken chunks, Olives, Capsicum and other vegetables, along with Salsa sauce and topped with melted cheese. These nachos were juicy, fresh, tasteful and worth a try. Only that adding more quantity of cheese and chicken chunks would have made it more perfect. This nachos platter costs you PKR 675.

X2 Cafe - Supreme Nachos
X2 Cafe – Supreme Nachos
Pasta Alfredo

Somebody who loves creamy and slight salty main course items would love it. This pasta had a thick and creamy Alfredo sauce with strong flavour of Mushroom and salt added to grilled chicken chunks. This dish of pasta is priced at PKR 845, a little overpriced for what it offered.

X2 Cafe - Pasta Alfredo
X2 Cafe – Pasta Alfredo


Chicken Tikka Pizza (Thick Crust)

X2 Cafe offers both thick crust and thick crust pizzas in two serving sizes, one for single person and the other one to share. We ordered their sharing thick crust Tikka Pizza and it was large enough to be shared between 3-4 persons. Coming to the taste, their crust tasted like it was rotten or preserved longer than required. The sauce and toppings tasted average and gave a mildly-spicy Tikka flavour taste to this pizza. All in all this was an average pizza with average taste at a price of PKR 975.

X2 Cafe- Chicken Tikka Pizza
X2 Cafe- Chicken Tikka Pizza
Blueberry Fantasy

This was a staff-recommended drink and is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a mild-sweet, thick  and chilled drink for yourself with a slight blueberry punch. This drink would cost you PKR 385.

X2 Cafe - Blueberry Fantacy
X2 Cafe – Blueberry Fantacy

The service at this place was slow, they took more  than 25 minutes to serve the order. Nevertheless, the staff was polite and open to suggestions.


Final Verdict

X2 has established its name for providing amazing ambiance over past couple of years and they get full marks for it. Covering multiple Asian cuisines, they have been successful in providing an interesting architecture for a decent dine-in experience at their Chinese restaurant or a casual  hangout at their cafe or outdoor sitting. This place is a bit overpriced and can cost you around PKR 1200-1600/person main course and a drink.


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