Lobster with Garlic Sauce- Yu Long

Yu Long Restauaraunt










You should visit, because:

  • Huge Chinese Food Variety
  • Serves Chinese Hot-Pot

Keep in mind these:

  • Poor Service
  • Average Taste


Dine out after lockdown is a whole new story. What once was routine is now something we all look forward to and whether SOPS’ are being followed or not comes before whether the place serves good food or not. Amidst all this, we dared to visit Yu-Long Restaurant with FnF Group as part of our MEW Review sessions.

SOP’s that were followed:
– Staff wearing masks
– Temperature check at the entrance
– Sanitizer at reception

Located literally at one corner of Lahore, away from all the city chaos in DHA Phase 5 is this small setup of Yu-Long Restaurant. the place covers the ground and mezzanine floor, can accommodate around 30 people on the ground floor and more on the mezzanine. The overall theme was light simple, white, and red with Chinese artifacts here and there. One thing different was the tables had a rotating plate so you can rotate it to get a dish to your side (Interesting or awkward, you decide).

Inside Yu Long


The menu was huge in variety, with Chinese names of the dishes next to each one of them, they had over 230 items in the sections of starters, rice, noodles, foo-young (omelet dishes), seafood, beef duck etc. The menu convinced us of the authenticity of the place. What happened after is another story though.


Noodle soup

A big bowl of broth with a very basic taste, boiled noodles and vegetables. Looked pretty but was nothing more than a plain broth with noodles. Not to forget that we had to ask for proper cutlery to bring the noodles out of the bowl.
Price: 880 Rs

Noodle soup - Yu Long
Noodle soup – Yu Long
Salted Prawns

Served in a small basket, these prawns were possibly the chewiest and hard prawns I have ever tasted. Oily, hard to even bite is enough to describe the experience.
Price: 2480 Rs

Salted Prawns- Yu Long
Salted Prawns- Yu Long
Golden Silk Prawns

Well cooked with a bit of taste as well! These prawns were wrapped into balls of potato strips, tasted mild but well-spiced complemented by potato strips wrapped but a bit too oily.
Price: 2680 Rs

Golden Silk Prawns - Yu Long
Golden Silk Prawns – Yu Long

Main Courses

Lobster with Garlic Sauce

If you are among people scared of trying lobsters for the first time, I am one of you all!. Served in all its glory, the lobsters looked amazing, what hid behind the shells was chewy and almost tasteless lobster meat which the menu termed as garlic lobster. For those in the same boat with me who want to know what it was like, it didn’t smell(Thank God), had resemblance in taste and texture with shrimps too. Friendly advice: Choose a well-trusted place for the debut of this taste in your life.
Price: 5800 Rs

Lobster with Garlic Sauce- Yu Long
Lobster with Garlic Sauce- Yu Long
Almond Chicken

This was probably the most decent menu item in the main courses. Mildly spiced with a dominant peppery gravy, peas, other vegetables. its milds and lows were complemented by crisp and kind of royal touch of roasted almonds. The gravy literally dripping off edges was a turn-off though but trust me this was a relief with what I had already tried before.
Price: 975 Rs

Almond Chicken - Yu Long
Almond Chicken – Yu Long
Dry Fried Spicy Chicken

The only thing this dish held up to its name was “dry”. It wasn’t spicy, it tasted burnt, these were byte-sized chicken chunks with bones, a bit high on salt and mild on the spice level. The dish did have some whole red chilies with it though.
Price: 1680 Rs

Dry Fried Spicy Chicken - Yu Long
Dry Fried Spicy Chicken – Yu Long
Two Flavor Hot Pot

Before your brain takes you to those hot pots we store our chappatis in, no this is not the same. Chinese Hot Pots are basically soup-food where a simmering soup in a metal container is placed on the table with raw ingredients like mushrooms, tofu, chicken or beef slices to its side. You get to cook whatever ingredient pleases you by putting it in the soup. A cool new and unique live cooking experience which as per my knowledge is only being offered at Yu-Long in Lahore. (Correct me in comments if I am wrong)

Owing to the late serving and absolutely no idea of what we were being served with, I only got to try only Tofu with Spicy broth before winding up everything, One thing learned: Spicy broth is not your everyday spicy Pakistani soup. Its a spice concentrated heavy oily broth,  which will surely make your eyes pop if consumed. That being said, There is a whole world of taste and flavor in Chinese Hot-Pot to be explored and reviewed and this was just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned until I get to try it next time!
Price: Two-Flavour Hot-Pot: 880 Rs
Tofu: 680 Rs

The Hot Pot - Yu Long
The Hot Pot – Yu Long
The Hot Pot - Yu Long
The Hot Pot – Yu Long

The service at this place needs to be improved exponentially, our order took ages to arrive even when we were the only party at the restaurant with a reservation. We had to skip some items from the order just because they failed to prepare them on time.

Final Verdict

Yu-Long promises to deliver authentic Chinese food. But they still seem to be having a hard time delivering taste with service. Though the variety in the menu is impressive but don’t expect a lot in taste, delivery or service.

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